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We are Jack and Joyce Barnes and our ranch is located in Fallon,

Nevada where we have lived for the last 45 years.

Jack's love for the Shorthorn breed started in Oakdale, California while a child growing up on his parent's ranch. His father, Sam, gave him his first Shorthorn heifer when he was 13 years old, but he was involved in the ranch much earlier, doing the chores and helping his father with the cattle.

Jack has been in the Shorthorn business since 1944. We are proud of the fact that our cattle are double registered in the ASA and the AMSS with their native program. All of our cattle trace back to the original U.S. herdbook and there are no crossbred or appendix bloodlines.

We believe there's nothing more beautiful or more special than a pure, double registered Shorthorn animal that will help you bring back the old fashioned genetics so many herds have strayed away from.

If you're new to the breed, we have put a link below to the Shorthorn

Society. Please take the time to read it. It is quite interesting. If you're not new to the breed, take a look at the second link. Ron Bolze visited our ranch and did a story for the Shorthorn Country magazine.

We hope you come back to our site often as we will be posting new

pictures as new calf crops arrive.

Thanks for looking at our cattle. We believe they are quite special!

Jack & Joyce Barnes


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