Bull Semen

Emeraldale Lincoln Pedigree

The ownership of all of our Lincoln semen has gone to Kris Mote. She has finished AI school and if you are interested in this gentle, pure shorthorn bull, you can contact her at 435-720-3919.  She lives in Willard, Utah and has a shipper, so she can ship his semen to you. We are pleased she is continuing to supply some truly pure shorthorn genetics to you. You can also find her on Facebook, or get ahold of us and we'll put you in touch with her.


Ad that appeared in the Milking Shorthorn Journal Holiday issue 2016....

J Bar J Duke 422 Pedigree

The late-great Frosty Duke!

Born in 1997 and our herd sire from 2000 - 2005. His sire was

Mar Vel Centennial Duke.

His grand sire was a Haumont bull.

He sired some of our most

favorite cows.