So sorry for not updating our website more often. Just because you don't see something here, you can always feel free to contact us and talk to Jack! It seems we are just too old and busy to get everything done in a timely manner!


Just received photos from Dave Bender who

bought our 2017 heifer crop that went to Virginia.

Thought we'd share them with you all.


JUNE 2015...

The national convention was held in Wisconsin this summer and of course,

we made a road trip there for it!

Jack was awarded the Dual Purpose Breeder of the Year award.

It was presented by his good friend, Stuart Rowe.

It was a very special evening!


A special thanks to the SVF Foundation in Newport, RI. In August, Sara Bowley contacted us and using pedigrees chose three head of bred cows who are now happily grazing on green grass on the foundation's grounds! After three days in a trailer we're sure they were ready to jump out and discover their surroundings!


Robert Holley and family from Dayton, NV were here July 2nd and picked up 2 yearling heifers; 2 pairs and one pregnant cow. They returned today (8th) and took home 2 steers. It was nice meeting you all and we know you will enjoy your

J Bar J Shorthorns!


Chuck Fox from Tonopah, NV just drove out of here with a bred cow! I hope you get her home before she calves Chuck! Looking forward to seeing her calf.

That was late in April.....

Today is May 4th. We received word from Chuck that his cow had the calf, nice and safe there in Tonopha! A bull calf. He sent the little guy's picture.....

Thanks for keeping us informed Chuck!


Just received a photo from Martha Tubman in Virginia. White DUKE heifer and her LINCOLN bull calf!!! Lovely cross! Beautiful animals!


Received an email from Mary and Dennis Hoffrogge along with a picture of their DMH STRAWBERRY...thought you'd like to see it!


Here's an email and photos from Cara Haight:

"We had a big surprise Saturday! #814 had a set of twins! A bull & a heifer; so far both are doing well. #018 had a beautiful roan heifer a week ago. Still 5 to calve.

Hope all is well with you guys!



Erin Freitas just sent us a picture of their new bull calf! They bought a white bred heifer from us last summer and this is her baby. Born just yesterday, frolicking with the Freita's children....


April 2013

We want to let everyone know that our dear friend, Alvin Roy from Carlton, Oregon has lost his battle with cancer.

His presence in the Shorthorn society will be dearly missed.

I'm sure everyone who knew Al will agree that we have lost a wonderful father and friend.

Our trip to Oregon early in January to visit with Alvin & Carol Roy was fun and relaxing. We got to see the bull they bought from us last year and we met up with Virginia Roberg there who purchased semen from us. Jack had it with us and transferred it to her tank and then we had a wonderful lunch that Carol had prepared for us all.

Alvin, Carol, Jack and Virginia

The Duke 422 bull that Alvin bought last year.

A few of Alvin and Carol's cattle.


Jack got to visit with Chip and Cara Haight from Idaho. They stopped by on their way to Arizona to visit friends. Joyce was in Reno with friends but will get to meet them next week when they stop back by on their way home. They are interested in some of our cattle for their Heritage Farm. So nice to share the love of our cattle with others who also share an interest in the pure breed.


2011 National Milking Shorthorn Convention & Sale

J Bar J Cindy 13th N P found a home with Mike and Sandy Ritschard in

Juda, WI. Thanks Mike & Sandy for buying J Bar J in Illinois!!!

Cindy has a lot of Frosty Duke's genetics.

J Bar J Strawberry 14th N P found a home with Jay Spetzer in

Alma Center, WI. We appreciate the eye for Frosty Duke's genetics.

Strawberry is a beautiful heifer!

J Bar J Annie 17th N P and J Bar J Opal 51st N P both went to

Mike and Bobbie Rauch of the Sancrest Farms in Billings, MO.

These two Lincoln daughters are so gentle and good natured.

Have already spoke with Bobbie since we arrived home and she

said the heifers are doing great and that they are pleased with

their purchase. Thanks Bobbie.

We bet the girls simply love the grass there!


Thank you to our buyers.

We know you will enjoy your

animal's pure genetics!


1 bull and seven heifers went to Don Travis here in Fallon.

1 bull and a heifer went to Mike Worthington in Ville Platte, LA

12 yearling heifers went to Benchmark Shorthorns in Pearisburg, VA

1 cow went to the McKay Family in Tuscarora, NV.

3 bred cows went to the SVF Foundation in Newport, RI.

3 heifers went to Gary Witte here in Fallon, NV. The first of the 2014 crop to leave the ranch.

2 yearling heifers; 2 pairs; 1 pregnant cow and 2 steers went to Robert Holley at the Holley Ranch in Dayton, NV. Keep in touch Robert and let us know how our cattle are doing okay?

One pair went to Stephen Johnson of Fallon, NV. Thanks Steve. I get to watch her and her calf every time I go to visit my friends over off Alcorn.

One pair and one cow went to Cliff & Kathleen Stice of Matheson, Colorado. Cliff wanted one of Jack's favorite cows but Jack didn't want to sell, so he priced her high enough that he didn't think Cliff would buy her! Joke's on Jack! That favorite cow and her calf are now residents of Colorado! :-)

One bred cow went to Chuck Fox in Tonopah, NV.

9 heifers went to the Leppert family in North Dakota. We hope you will find these girls to be a wonderful addition to your herd. Was pleased to hear that they arrived without incident. That is a long drive!!!

10 Bred cows and 5 bred heifers went to Chip and Cara Haight in Kamiah, Idaho. Thank you so much for appreciating our Native herd and wanting to use our cattle as your start-up herd. Those girls will have a fun ride home but at least there's no snow yet! Hope Chase got a chance to drive for dad!

A big thank you to Tom & Bev Reichert from Austin, NV. They came to the ranch and looked and then returned later with their trailer and loaded 3 bred heifers. We enjoyed their visit. Hope the girls do a good job for you Bev! Send pictures of their calfs if you find the time okay?

3 Bred heifers went to Tom Black here in Fallon. They are starting their own herd and these girls are their beginning! Thanks for your business Tom and Dani.

1 Bred heifer went to the Freedom Nelson family in Dayton, NV. Those four young boys will have fun planting the Russian Olive seeds they harvested while they were here on the ranch!

3 cow/calf pairs went to Patricia Sullivan in California this month!

Thanks Patricia! Hope you enjoy our cattle and that they do a good job for you!

2 heifers went to Frank & Rebecca McLean in Cobalt, CT.

2 heifers have gone to Richard & Erin Freitas in Dillon, MT.

Erin's email from 10-19-2010 that we wanted to share with you:

"Hi Joyce! We're thinking about next year and are interested in purchasing semen. Still shooting for a good-milking family cow, let me know what you'll have available :) We purchased a yearling heifer from Cantagree last month, and look forward to seeing what she'll produce. If you have any yearlings to sell (heifers) in the spring, please send pictures! Thank you so much for selling us such a quality cow. We are delighted with the heifer calf she has produced and raised, as well as how well she milked (all 2 months we milked her 1x/day haha).

We continue to get compliments on her every time she is seen by any cattleman - even the Angus boys.Hope you're enjoying fall as much as we are!Erin"

Here's a picture of Ruby, the cow that belongs to Richard and Erin. Her calf is hiding on the other side but we love this picture because it shows what a nice temperament Ruby has! Notice little Cole and Savanna playing in the grain next to the cow? Ruby is a Lincoln daughter born in 2008

5 heifers went to Dennis Hoffrogge in Sleepy Eye, MN.

(semen also )

Here's a picture of the 3 heifers that made the trip to Sleepy Eye

October 18, 2010. This is a picture we sent to Dennis before he

bought the heifers, but we feel it shows their excellent quality as

bred heifers. By the way, Dennis said they made the trip from

Nevada to Minnesota in excellent condition!!!

Thanks for buying J-Bar-J Dennis!

white dmh FROSTY WHISPER, 910 MILLIE'S is the dam AND

dmh DUTCHESS, OUT of 913.

I'm thinking that Dutchess loves Mary!!!

Here's a few pictures from Dennis and Mary. Last heifer to drop a

calf and all three calves together. Thanks for the pictures Dennis!

1 bull went to Cindy Middleton in Dixon, CA

1 bull went to A.J. Tenente in Lovelock, NV

4 bulls went to Ed Laca in Fallon, NV

3 bulls have gone to Don Travis in Fallon, NV

2 bulls have gone to Tansy Smith in California

5 bulls have gone to Denny Barnes in Onida, South Dakota

4 bulls have gone to Alvin & Carol Roy in Carlton, OR.

1 bull went to the Cantagree Ranch in Mendon, UT.

(semen also)

Darren just sent more pictures from the four Lincoln daughter's they received from the semen they purchased. The first pictures are under our Ranch Cattle section. Here are a few shots of those cows and current milking statistics:

Photo #1 is Cantagree Rosebud 11th-N-P. This is her 2nd lactation. She has had 2 test since calving. 1st test was 60 pounds milk with 4.3% butterfat and3.3% protien. 2nd test was 58 pounds milk with 4.2% butterfat and 2.8% protien. Dam was a Cantagree King's Design out of a Cantagree Matchless Duke.

Photo #2 is Cantagree Rose 21st-N-P. This is her 2nd lactation also. She has had 2 tests also. 1st test was 60 lbs milk with 3.7% butterfat and 3.0% protien. The 2nd test was 58 lbs milk with 4.1% B and 2.9% P. Her dam was a Cantagree Matchless Duke out of a Meadowbrook Cheiftan 9th.

Photo #3 is Emeraldale Lincoln daughter, Cantagree Caberet-N-P. Her 1st test was 52 lbs milk with 4.2% butterfat and 2.8% protien. Her 1st lactation was 7880 lbs milk with 4.1%BF and 3.4%P.

2018 UPDATE ON PHOTO #3 Udder shot of Cantagree Caberet, a Lincoln daughter, and some information on her 1st lactation. She is the last of the 4 Lincoln daughters. She is due to calve April 6 for her 9th lactation. These are her milk records:

7880 lbs milk 4.1% butterfat

10530 lbs milk 4.4% bf

9760 lbs milk 4.0% bf

12490               4.4

10230               4.1

11840               4.2

12420               4.2

11350               4.0


1 bull went to Martin & Susan Lee in Jerome, ID.

Dear Jack and Joyce

Happy birthday Jack! We visited Gene and Darren a couple of weeks ago and saw the Lincoln daughters there. I thought they looked good.

Attached in a picture of our Lincoln bull taken last week. We have him out

with 8 cows this year. Thought you would like to see how he is developing.

Nice disposition.


Martin R. Lee, D.V.M.

Idalee Veterinary Services

Jerome, Idaho 83338

1 bull went to Donald Mattern in Fallon who was looking for a

bull that would yield low birth weight calves.

1 bull went to Cindy Middleton in CA.

(semen also)

1 bull went to David & Lynn Gunter in Reno, NV

2 bulls went to Bart O'Toole in Reese River, NV

1 bull went to Tom & Bev Reichert in Austin, NV

Semen Sales (repeat buyers have an asterisk)

Lisa Carpenter, IL

Wendel Samuelson, IN

Alan Leap, IN

Wacholtz, from WY

*Cantagree Ranch, Utah

Albertson Family Missouri

Hoffman Family from Illinois

Hennesy Family from Arizona

*Robertson Family from Missouri

Mary Combs from Idaho

Nicole Okelli from Idaho

Zane Sunday from Florida

Lawrence Whitaker from Tennessee

Bob Hitchcock from N.Y.

Kevin Vaith from South Dakota

Sister Telchilde Hinckley from Bethlehem, CT

Dennis Hoffrogge from Sleppy Eye, MN

John Saundraman from MN

Kevin Cooksley in Broken Bow, Nebraska

*Less Gauby in Washington, Kansas

Keith Burgess in Kansas

Vince Ruzic in Wisconsin

*Joe Schallberger in Dallas, OR

Doyle & Alice Hendrickson in Sedalia, MO

Bobby & James Halcomb in Portland, TN

Michael Bodey in Urbana, OH

*Steve Marak in Meeker, OK

*Martha Tubman in Virginia

Thom Graham in Washington

Sarah Bowley with the SVF Foundation in Newport, RI

Matt Bigelow in O'Neals, CA

Kevin & Karen Porter in Monmouth, OR

*Carl Nichols in KS

*Virginia Roberg in Oregon